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SSM are happy to announce they have joined hands with The Right Buzz, working together to give our clients maximum exposure for their project.....  


Wayne and Nicole from the Right Buzz offer you the right buzz you need on THE RIGHT BUZZ Radio with a  Live interview: done on our radio platform The Right Buzz at 10PM GMT UK   this is done on a Tuesday or a Friday (we have dates available from January 2021)

This time also caters for our overseas guest and their audience time zones

This is then uploaded to all major platforms Like Deezer, IHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify, Alexa, and many more.

We will need from you a Short Bio and Picture of you  to promote the event on Facebook.

After the interview you will have a poster done by the team to help promote and advertise you and your interview

(This will include our companies Logo)


We need to know what you would like on your poster for example colours or images or just freelanced by us with what we feel

(Please note if you are not happy with the poster we will work on it again until you are happy)

Word Press blogging:

You  will be blogged on The Right Buzz word press after you have had your interview.

The blog.

This will include pictures of you and personal links to where you want readers to be directed to.

Advertised and promoted on all social media includiong The Right Buzz social media platforms:


Our PR campaign done over 4-6 weeks

1. One week Twitter: We have two accounts (main twitter and Promotional twitter) they will be pinned on our Promotional Twitter for 5 days. Monday to Friday


2. One week on Facebook: This includes Our Main Page The Right Buzz and also into our Fan group and a post shout out on our own personal pages to our connections


3. One week on LinkedIn:

This will be on our main SILVER STORM MEDIA and  THE RIGHT BUZZ page, also mentioned on our personal pages


4. One week on instagram:

This will be on SILVER STORM MEDIA and THE RIGHT BUZZ main page



Week 5 & 6 we give you an extra spin on all social media platforms so like a catch up for those who have missed them.

Featured inside our ONLINE seasonal magazine:

This will include one link to your personal website or where you need listeners and readers to be directed to.

Three professional photos of themselves

One-page article written up by you about who you are and what you do between 500-1000 words. This makes it more personal to the readers being from the guest that’s featured inside.

The Silver Storm Media and  Right Buzz Monthly News Letter:

You will also be mentioned inside our monthly news that goes out to all our subscribers.


Song Promotion (played Live on air):

If you have a professional song you would like to be listened to we will also play their music live on air.

(Before we can play their song we will need to send an agreement to them stating that they own the rights to the song and that they give us permission to play their song live and from that date if we choose to play their song again on other live shows or if its with a record label they will need to also get their permission too.

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